September 2015 newsletter

Hi everyone, WATER PROBLEM IN LANCASHIRE Finally the use of drinking water is ok again throughout Lancashire. It has caused a slight disturbance to local businesses and residents but to date I haven't heard of one single person who has become ill because of it. However, United Utilities were in a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' situation. But it's good to see the end of the restrictions. Comedy Show on the Prom And BGT auditions. Spent a funny evening at The Galleon last week for the initial auditons for Britains Got Talent (bet you didn't know that they happen. It's not all queing up outside theatres waiting for Simon etc) Anyway the act list went; rubbish, rubbish, idiot, rubbish,even bigger idiot, Then Lauren Wood, a 17year old jazz and blues singer with a very powerful voice. She stunned the audience. Definitely one to watch out for although I suspect it will be the 'even bigger idiot' that gets through. As many of you know the Illuminations Switch-on concerts were held last weekend. Couldn't make the Friday night and Saturday night but did manage to watch the Comedy show on the Sunday featuting Al Murray, the pub landlord, and five other acts. Good night was had by all. For those that don't know the illuminations are on from now to 8th November

Blackpool Airshow 2015 Tomorrow!!

Blackpool Airshow starts tomorrow!! A look at the line up promises a spectacular show, and best of all it is free!! Just rock up on the beach near north pier and enjoy! Full line up can be found here,however our best picks, and it is a matter of your own interest of course, are as follows; Eurofighter Typhoon 1333 - 1343 Thats the time in the display, not its years of service, we would have had a fair advantage in the hundred years war with one of these! If you have never before seen this aircraft it is an amazing piece of engineering, it is actually designed to be aerodynamically unstable, that is how it performs its unbelievable manoeuvrings and the thrust from its engines is awesome! Huey 1346 - 1356 If you have never heard of this US Army helicopter, don't worry, you have! Its the helicopter in almost all the Vietnam movies ever made ( with the notable exception of Full Metal Jacket) and has a distinctive sound which, in your mind, is always accompanied by The Animals soundtrack We Gotta Get Out Of This Place! It is a great chance to see this machine in the flesh! Vulcan 1443 - 1453 Thats 2:43pm to normal people. This is one of the last times to catch the Vulcan before its permanently retired from the air, and we can't think of a better reason to turn up! Its literally awe inspiring! The sheer size of it, the power of its engines shaking the ground, and the knowledge that at one time this awesome machine carried nuclear weapons, ready at a moments notice to deliver Armageddon, literally brings shivers down yours spine! Chinook 1520 - 1530 This British Army helicopter is always worth a look! If you don't know your helicopters its the one that has two rotors! Its one of very few machines that you can almost actually feel the sheer torque! Its also has a distinctive sound, the deep Wocka Wocka makes it sound like its miles away until its right on top of you, and loud!! Red Arrows 1600 1620 If you haven't seen the red arrows then even if you miss everything else don't miss these! They are simply amazing, and there is no need whatsoever to to say any more about them!!! Then we get onto Monday.  Don't forget to check out the full line up here! Again we have the Huey and the Chinook, in case you missed it the day before (but frankly, if your turning up today you will have missed the Red Arrows, which is a bit like going to the last night of the Proms but missing Land of Hope and Glory) The Red Devils (not arrows) are performing at 1500. The British Army Parachute Regiment display team are excellent!! And at 1548 comes the B-17 Bomber! The stalwart of the US Army Air Force during world war 2, you will have seen this in numerous war films, such as Memphis Belle. It is a fantastic chance to get a look at an aircraft which very rarely visits this side of the Atlantic! Every other aircraft in the show you will be able to see another time (with the exception of the Vulcan), this may well be the only chance in a long time to see this one!! Weather forecast is good!! On the other hand this is Blackpool, with its very own weather system separate from the rest of the UK! Should you choose to stay with us then we look forward to seeing you! Otherwise have a fantastic day out here in Sunny Blackpool!!

Whats on calendar

As you can probably see, we are currently working on a new whats on guide. This should make it easier for you to see and navigate your way through upcoming events through the year via a calendar. Until this is completed we are keeping on the month by month list as normal so you won't miss out on anything!! We endeavour to keep these listings as comprehensive, current and accurate as possible although always check with the venue direct as entertainment and dates can often change.

gallery updated

We have now finally finished our new gallery. As you can see we don't have a great deal of content (we have a few videos which we are getting ready) but as people send us pics we are updating them. Once again if you have any pics you don't mind sharing please email them to us at


As you may have noticed, our gallery currently consists of one set of photos, (the bikers weekend, 2012). We are currently working on a new gallery which will have current pictures of the hotel. We also want to include albums from visits from guests, so if you want to please email any pictures you would like to see (within reason of course) to