Blackpool is famous for a wide range of bars and clubs and is a destination for many boozy weekends. There is really something for everyone! There are far too many to discuss here but here are but a few:


Revolution is a relative newcomer to Blackpool, but has hit the spot for may as a superior quality venue. Serving mainly cocktails in a stylish and swanky setting, Revolution is definitely is a go to venue!

Flares Blackpool is a 70’s themed bar and does not disappoint! If you want a place to strut your stuff in a carefree fun loving atmosphere then this is for you. Leave all sense of style at the door      and embrace the 1970’s in a genuinely good party atmosphere!

No night out would be complete without a visit to Walkabout bar, the famous Australian themed bar guarantees a good time, and Blackpool Walkabout is no different. Walkabout recently suffered a major fire and many feared it would not return. However in that resourceful Australian way Walkabout is back, completely refurbished and is even better than before! Walkabout is a fantastic bar to go to, popular with students, and has an amazing array of party games which continue into the early hours! It also has probably the best smoking area in Blackpool!

Unique to Blackpool is the Ma Kelly’s chain of cabaret bars. There are three Ma Kelly’s in Blackpool, South shore, Foxhall Village, and Central. All day, everyday, there is a huge amount of cabaret acts, from noon till 1am, which far outweighs any other for sheer variety, nowhere comes even close! MaKelly’s Foxhall is literally a minutes walk from the Aberford!

The Flagship is situated a five minute walk from The Aberford, and so is a definite destination for stags/hens wanting to kick off their night with a bang. Always lively and busy, this is Blackpool! We never get bad reviews from those who visit (if they remember).

The Merrie England is at the front of North Pier and is a brilliant day/night out! During the week it hosts mainly children’s entertainment, however weekends are a different story entirely. If you have never seen the Joey Blower show you simply cannot leave Blackpool until you have. Its on in the afternoon so you won’t be missing out on your night. The Joey Blower Show is the funniest, most outrageous and unforgettable thing you will see. Its very much audience participation so if you are easily offended I wouldn’t bother! Just remember, don’t ever, ever, let Joey get hold of your phone!!

The Soul Suite is bang in the center of Blackpool, virtually opposite Walkabout and Flares. If you love your soul and Motown this is the place for you! This is a relaxed, more mature party atmosphere and is great if you just want to swing the night away. Soul suite also has an upstairs balcony, from where you can chill for a while overlooking the Promenade in full swing to recharge!

Of course Blackpool has a Yates! Yates would not miss out having a venue in Blackpool! Yates also suffered a catastrophic fire a few years ago and unfortunately had to move from its historic building. However its new venue is fantastic! Yates does what Yates does, and Blackpool does it best!

Flamingo Blackpool is one of the best known clubs in Blackpool’s thriving gay scene! A popular club for everyone, of any sexuality, and hosting some of the biggest named DJs and branded dance nights from Hed Kandi, Gate Crasher, Ibiza Party Nights and The Hat Club Ibiza.

Another of Blackpool’s premier nightclubs is Sanuk.The ultimate UK clubbing experience also home to the worlds biggest Celebrities and Superstar DJ’s. Sanuk has three main rooms of music, Dance and house in the main arena, RnB and Hip hop in the Boudoir, Chart and Party in the Studio and an outside terrace to chill out!

As we have said, there are many many more venues in Blackpool, these are just a few. When you arrive ask us what you want and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. As always, all the views are entirely our own, and you may not necessarily agree. One thing we are right about is that there is definitely something for you!