Whats on calendar

As you can probably see, we are currently working on a new whats on guide. This should make it easier for you to see and navigate your way through upcoming events through the year via a calendar. Until this is completed we are keeping on the month by month list as normal so you won’t miss out on anything!!

We endeavour to keep these listings as comprehensive, current and accurate as possible although always check with the venue direct as entertainment and dates can often change.

gallery updated

We have now finally finished our new gallery. As you can see we don’t have a great deal of content (we have a few videos which we are getting ready) but as people send us pics we are updating them. Once again if you have any pics you don’t mind sharing please email them to us at info@aberfordhotel.co.uk


As you may have noticed, our gallery currently consists of one set of photos, (the bikers weekend, 2012). We are currently working on a new gallery which will have current pictures of the hotel. We also want to include albums from visits from guests, so if you want to please email any pictures you would like to see (within reason of course) to info@aberfordhotel.co.uk.

booking system

The booking system seems to at the moment redirect you to our old site (At least it looks that way) and of course the old site doesn’t work anymore, including all the links on it etc. However I can assure you the booking system certainly does work. Its just another one of those glitches I spoke about in the last post, new website and all. I hope to have these fixed in the next couple of weeks. For those of you who book, I look forward to meeting you, for everyone else, I hope you have a cracking time here!!