Hotel Images

Rooms and facilities at the Aberford

PHAB Club 2012

The PHAB Club visit us several times a year, these pics are from their 'Stars in thier minds' show in 2012.

Wedding 2011

Our first wedding function in 2011

Boxing Day Party 2013

Pics from our Boxing Day party we have every year, these are from 2013.

14/20 band reunion 2014

Neils old unit, the band of the 14/20 Kings Hussars, met up after a long time for a reunion here in Blackpool in May 2014. They are here next on 15 May 2015. Also includes pics Ray has kindly sent us from his time in the 14/20. Neil features a lot, spot him!

Cambridgeshire Young Farmers 2014

The cambridgeshire Young Farmers 2014. They come every two years and are always an absolute pleasure. They have a reputation for liveliness and they certainly measure up, although always with respect and consideration. We look forward to this weekend all year round and look forward to them all returning!

If you have visited us in the past and would like to have a photo/s included on here, please feel free to email us at: If you are sending images from a digital camera, you may need to resize them in order to send via email (a width of 300px would be perfect)